Employee Picks of The Week!

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Employee Picks Of The Week:

Kitty -  Violent Society - Not Enjoyin It, Hudson Falcons - Desperation and Revolution, Anti-Heros - That’s Right!/Don’t Tread On Me

John -  Black Lips - Arabia Mountain, Fucked Up - David Comes To Life, and an old favorite from a band I’ll be seeing live in a couple weeks… Animal Collective - Strawberry Jam.

Matt - All the shop music. I can’t get enough of it. * Note: considering we listen to a lot of old bluegrass over and over again in between stretches of The Cure and A Tribe Called Quest, this is probably sarcasm*

Jess - M.A.D. Band - About Prupis

Nick - Circle Pit - Bruise Constellation, R. Stevie Moore - Ariel Pinks Greatest Picks Vol. 1, Sonic Youth - Washing Machine, The Warlocks ——-:::::::::::::::::::::::::*headphones required*

Jim - I just want to listen to Curtis Mayfield at some point this week.

Maureen - The Devil Makes Three – all day every day * Well, not so much anymore now that everyone at the shop is sick of hearing the same album a million times.*

Karen - Man Man’s new album Life Fantastic, especially the song Piranhas Club

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