Interview with young fashion designer, Ashton Taylor!

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Ashton Taylor

At Too Fast, we do our best to support the next generation of artists, musicians, and fashion designers. Recently we talked to Ashton Taylor, a highschool senior from Roseville, California who is putting on her own fashion show on April 27th. She had some interesting things to say about her influences, her future, and dubstep on the runway. Make sure to check out the event if you’re in the area! It’s in the JB Gale theater in Roseville High at 6:30 pm. 

TF: Let’s start by having you tell us what got you into fashion in the first place. How old were you when it all started?

Ashton: I’ve been creating art work since I was practically born, but not until I was about twelve did I actually start paying attention to the clothing I was putting on the many characters of mine. I bought my first sewing machine on my 15th birthday and started sewing from there.

TF: You put on a similar event last year too. How did that go, and what changes have you made for this year’s show?

Ashton: Last year I had a show with a close friend of mine also displaying her work, but this year I’m doing it all alone (scary T.T). I went to my first fashion show after I hosted my first one, and got a lot of better ideas from the professionals. I have almost three times as many garments and twice as many models this year. This year I’m trying to get everyone ready early, so there is more time for clean up and less stress in the end. Overall, this year’s show is going to bigger, better, and more professional, now that I have the experience to do so.

TF: What would you say your style is influenced by the most? Punk, rockabilly, goth, grunge, etc?

Ashton: I am influenced by Punk, Rockabilly, Goth, Cyber Goth, Scene, Emo, Sweet and Classic Lolita, Victorian, and Steampunk type fashion. It doesn’t really sound like a good mix, in fact it’s all very contradictory, but I find myself a walking contraction, and it’s definitely not something you see every day. It’s completely unique in my own way, and it works well for me.

TF: Do you have plans to continue with fashion after highschool? If so, what do you plan on doing?

Ashton: I’m actually going to the University of Nevada Reno majoring in Mechanical Engineering, but I am totally going to take opportunity of their costume design program. I have a feeling I can do some really amazing things there and really start something marvelous in their program.

TF: One last question for you. Do you plan on putting some music on during the show, and if so, what? (We’re big music geeks here at Too Fast)

Ashton: As far as music goes, a majority of my track is Skrillex. I’m not a huge fan of Dubstep music, but it looks great on the runway and I feel it affects the audience and models in a positive way because it is packed full of attitude. I would like to put some industrial music in it like :Wumpskut:, but I’ll have to see how well it plays.

You can check out Ashton on Facebook here:

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