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Living life to the fullest and being authentic is part of Too Fast’s ethos, its foundation. Too Fast is how we like our drinks refilled, our music played, and our wheels spun. That love for speed, horror, metal, punk rock, and general insanity is reflected in everything we do here. When it comes to design, we’re constantly pushing the envelope and we have, on occasion, been accused of taking things way too far.

With the holidays fast approaching, we’re all faced with that age-old question: what am I going to wear?? Don’t worry, Too Fast is here with all the answers! 

We believe that you should be able to rock your alternative aesthetic on any occasion, even during the holidays! Check out our new (and returning!) goth- and metal-inspired Christmas sweaters and shorts below.


Christmas Sweater | 666

Looking to subtly let everyone know how you really feel about the holidays? Well, we don’t really care for subtlety at Too Fast.  Wear this Satanic chic sweater with pride this Christmas season!


Christmas Sweater | Baphoclaus

Yeah… we’re definitely on the naughty list this year! Lucky for us, Baphoclaus is only interested in the bad apples. If you’re anything like us, be sure to put this sweater on your wish list this year!


Christmas Sweater | Undead

More of a Halloween person? No problem; we’ve got just the thing!


Christmas Sweater | Pink 666Mas

Normally, you’d be asked to pick between pastel and goth. We wouldn’t dare to ask you to choose, so we just combined them! Who would have thought evil could look so cute?


Christmas Sweater | Creepy Lil Christmas

If you’re looking for a Too Fast twist on a classic holiday outfit, look no further! Have yourself a creepy little  Christmas, and make the Yuletide GOTH in this comfortable Christmas sweater! 


Christmas Sweater | Metal Church Fire

Light a fire under your conservative relatives’ asses and celebrate Christmas the way you want to! Clearly, we have no problem bringing the heat! Do you?


Christmas Sweater | Love Skulls and Bones

Christmas, but make it dark! Don your GOTH apparel this holiday season, courtesy of Too Fast!


Christmas Sweater | Black Metal

Um, who decided purple isn’t a Christmas color? We certainly didn’t. Express your deep love of metal with this festive sweater!

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Christmas Shorts | Merry Creepmas

If you talk behind our backs, you’re in a perfect position to kiss our asses! Show the haters your X-Mas spirit.



Christmas Shorts | Hail Santa

Santa, Satan - it’s easy to see why people would confuse them, isn’t it? Show off your holiday spirit in these cute shorts!


Christmas Shorts | Black Metal X-Mas

Just because it’s Christmas, doesn’t mean we can’t show off our love for metal!


Christmas Shorts | Santa's Favorite Ho

Sorry, everyone, but not everyone can be Santa’s favorite! Let everyone know you’re on the naughty list this year.


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