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SPOTLIGHT ON: Rat Baby Brand 

In this series, we meet the designers behind the POOL brands for a special look into what it takes to be an independent designer.

1. Tell us about yourself! What is your brand’s product? We’re a totally new brand called Rat Baby. We make grungy street clothes for trashy chics like us. 

2. What sets your product apart from the crowd? We’re dead set upon breaking new ground, making a statement, and doing it with years of style experience behind us. Not many other brands can say that truthfully. 

3. As independent designers, how did you get into the business? It was a natural transition from making our own clothes into making clothes for others. We worked hard and did it the old fashioned DIY way. We’d been living inside alternative culture our whole lives, so it just made sense. 

4. Any words of wisdom for aspiring designers? Work hard and never forget where you came from. Also, get an accountant. 

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