Q & A With Artist Brittany Hanks

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We had a chance to ask one of our artists, Brittany Hanks, a few questions about her art, inspiration, and favorite 80’s band to paint to. Check it out below!


TF: Your designs tend to have a very floral, DOTD vibe to them. Where do

you find inspiration for these, and do you plan on continuing that style in

the future?

B.H:  A lot of my work is inspired by nature, folklore and ghost stories.

I am a huge fan of Art Nouveau, Victorian art and Scientific

illustrations.  Someone once described my art by saying it was very

“Art Nouveau meets H.P.Lovecraft” and I think that describes my work

perfectly.  Some of my more thematically dark pieces often have bright

colors and my floral pieces have dramatic outlines.  I have always

been interested in harmonizing dark design elements with elements that

are soft and flowery. I like to think that my work is equally

beautiful and mysterious.  My style has evolved over the past few

years and I expect it to continue, I guess you’ll just have to wait

and see!


TF: What’s your favorite medium? And how did you get into doll-making?

B.H: My all time favorite medium is oil paint.  I have been using it

ever since I taught myself how to use it in High School.  I have

always enjoyed experimenting with new media, though.  Now I use both

traditional and digital media in my work.  For Too Fast Brand, I have

done designs in Oil Paint, Graphite, and Vector.  I got into doll

making the same way as most media, I just decided to learn it one day!

After that I discovered awesome artists like Jenny Alcantara and

Marina Bychkova; who both make very interesting, dark and detailed


TF: Do you wear the type of clothes you design for? Are you a fan of Too

Fast and similar companies for instance? (better say yes!)

B.H: Of course! The best part about working with Too Fast is that I get

to do what I love.  I  was a customer and fan for years before I

started designing for you guys! I have always been into alternative

fashion, everything from band shirts to Alexander McQueen.

TF: What artistic pursuits do you have planned for the upcoming year. Will

you continue to do what you’re doing now, try some new avenues, or


B.H: In 2013 I am definitely going to continue what I am doing now;

however, I have some new things I am working on as well. I have some

great events coming up in the near future, so you are going to have to

check out my Facebook fan page to keep up to date.    I am always

trying to push myself to explore new avenues, styles and media.

Recently I have been really focusing on my Etsy store and I have added

a whole bunch of new items.  I just got Twitter a few days ago, so now

I am really planning on taking over the interwebs!  


TF: Okay, last question. If you had to pick a band from the 80’s to paint to,

who would you go with?

B.H: The Cure!

You can find out more about Brittany Hanks by visiting her website, or by following her on facebook, and twitter!
And you can check out her Too Fast shirt designs here and here! (they rock)
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