Frequently Asked Questions

Is your site secure?

Yes of course! We are on a secure server (ssl) so no need to worry.

When will my card be billed?

Once your order is pulled and shipped, then we bill your card. Your bank will put a hold on the funds needed to pay for your entire order at the time you place the order, but nothing actually gets charged till the order ships.

What happens if my card comes back declined?

If a card is declined because you do not have enough money in your account, then your card is not authorized and you will see nothing on your credit card statement.

Your site keeps saying my card is declined, but I just checked my bank account and all my money is gone! What is going on?

If a credit card is declined for any "security" reason such as a billing address mismatch or security code mismatch, then your issuing bank (credit card) will put a hold on those funds. These funds may show up as withdrawn or charged by us, however, we have not actually charged your account. In fact, we immediately inform your issuing bank that your card was declined and ask them to release the funds back to you. but it still may take up to 10 business days for your issuing bank to release the funds back into your account! There is nothing we can do about this. Please call the issuing bank for your credit card (the bank named on your credit card) and ask them when the funds will be released. If your card is declined, please do not keep trying to charge it!! Every time you try to charge it and it gets declined the bank will put a hold on your funds! How long will the "hold" on my money last?

If You Paid By...
  • Credit Card Refunds Take Between 1-5 Business Days.
  • Bank Debit Card Refunds Take Between 3-10 Business Days.
Can I pay by check, cash or money order?

Sorry, we no longer accept checks, cash or money orders.

How do I cancel an order if it already shipped?

If you would like to cancel an order that has already shipped you must treat it as a return. Please see this page for further info:

Do you charge sales tax?

If you live in NJ we are required to charge you sales tax. otherwise, no. international customers are required to pay any customs tax.