Too Fast | Loll3 Black Cat Shaped Accent Rug
Too Fast | Loll3 Black Cat Shaped Accent Rug

Loll3 Black Cat Shaped Accent Rug


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Color Black

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For centuries, cats have been seen as a witch's most loyal familiar. This cat is no different! Decorated with stars and moon on its head, this cat will cover your floor and keep watch as you continue to work on your spell book, or whatever witchy business needs to be taken care of - Like sweeping!

Get yourself a decorative cat rug today! The durable polyester-yarn-based rugs are great for indoor haunted home decorating! This is a must-have Wiccan item! It will fit right into your altar space, and if you already have a spooky rug, you can hang this bad boy on the wall. It's the perfect decorative piece! 

We recommend you use these rugs for indoor purposes only!

Black cat head art by Loll3.