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Plug Friendly Hoop Earrings | Eyes On Me


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Size OS
Color Black

20g Stainless Steel with Cubic Zirconia and Matte Black Finish, Cut Out Black Eye Plug Hoops

All of Body Vibes earrings are designed to fit comfortably into any stretched and non-gauged ear piercings...remember those ear piercings you got at the mall as a kid? Yeah, these will fit into that too. Non-irritating. Sold as a Pair

  • Plug Friendly Hoop Style Earrings
  • 316L Stainless Steel Post
  • Safe For Sensitive Skin
  • 20 Gauge
  • OS: One Size Fits Most
  • 20g (0.8mm)
  • Decoration Part: 58mm (L) x 51mm (W)