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Bangin' Back-to-School Styles

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Bangin' Back to School Styles : Goth, Punk, Emo and Rock Styles

It's happening — summer vacay's ending and goth and punk clothing are as on-point as ever! For all your back-to-school clothing needs, check out our punk and goth clothes.

Now that alternative wear is blowing up on TikTok, both punk and goth are sizzling hot. And, goth and punk styles will be the fiercest new trends you need to get into for the next school year.

Your Classmates Would Kill for This!

Looking for back-to-school clothes? Feast your eyes on these playful, yet dark clothes, accessories, and more. We know you'll piece together the most kick@ss ensembles!

#1 Drop-Dead Dresses

If you're a fan of goth dresses, you'll love this Creepy Candy Hearts Skater Dress. It'll be the talk — and envy — of everybody at school. The full dress is made from stretchy cotton spandex, so it'll fit your body perfectly. Make a statement right on the first day.

#2 Scorchin' Hot Skirts

Looking for back-to-school witchy wear? Our OMG! Ghosts Skater Skirt is the ideal addition to your wardrobe. This high-waisted mini-skater skirt features a natural fit and is made with soft-touch materials, allowing you to display a fun side to ghosts and spells.

#3 Walk *This* Way Boots

If goth back-to-school outfits are more your thing, then try the hottest alternative boots from TikTok: The DEMONIA DAMNED-318 Platform Ankle Boots. Featuring several hardware-accented buckle straps and a 3.5" sole, you'll be standing tall and as untamed as ever. Plus, you'll make your classmates wildly jealous.

#4 Bitchin' Backpacks

Pastel goth backpacks are essential to creating a signature look that's unique to you or when you want to try something different every once in a while. They're also helpful for lugging your books and other stuff around…. So, you definitely want to check out this cute Kuromi Bag from the popular show Hello Kitty. (It's purr-fect for you.)

#5 More Bad@ss Bags

Love bags and can't get enough of them? (Us, too!) Then you have to check out our collection of handbags. Pastel goth backpacks are both sweet and sassy, which is exactly why we love our Game Over Crossbody Handbag. Listen closely and you just might hear it calling to you.

#6 Wickedly Awesome Arm Warmers

If you want a complete look, you can't miss out on our punk back-to-school accessories — like these Green & White Stipes Knit Arm Warmers. They're a sick match with our skater dresses and skirt and a fitting homage to 2000's-era Avril Lavigne.

F* Off Necklace - let people know what's on your mind!

#7 Accessories To Die For

If you want to make a statement, be bold about it. This F Off necklace will let people know what's on your mind without you having to say it. This bold piece of punk jewelry is made from silver served on a thin snake chain — a fine balance between dainty and she-devil.

#8 Just Chillin' Shorts

We all need a bit of love — at least, that's what these shorts say. Give Satan love by slipping into our Satan Needs Love Black Dolphin Shorts! They're great for everything, whether you need to work out, strike a pose, or just lounge around.

Own that Schoolyard with A+ Outfits

With a wide range of dresses, skirts, shorts, and accessories to choose from — there's no need to waste hours searching for “goth stores near me." At Too Fast, our online store offers the best punk and goth school supplies, so you can head back to campus prepared and not naked.

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