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Pastel Goth Clothing | Too Fast

The Pastel Goth clothing collection features classic kawaii styles in cute pastel pallets such as pinks and purples. Even though the colors may deceive you, these pieces are not for the light-hearted. How do you make satan cute and cuddly, even I don't know but here at Too Fast, our designers have managed to do the impossible! From a cute satan to a seemingly caring Baphamus, this colorful collection will have squares scratching their chin at what seems to be a cute dress, that when further inspected has images of pentagrams, but with roses. 

Pastel Goth is all about kawaii goth clothes with dark imagery. We have all that and more in our pastel goth collection. From Cute Cami tops to pink and purple bell bottoms, we will have all you need to build or expand on your pastel goth aesthetic. We have pastel goth boots, pastel goth dresses, and all your pastel goth clothes you will need. 

Start with our pastel dresses and creepy bottoms! We have options for dresses! Our OMG! Ghosts pastel goth dress is a must-buy item for any pastel goth! It's got the perfect ratio of creepiness and cuteness all the while being very wearable for any occasion! Another option is our creepy hearts valentines dress! Featuring creepy candy texts, this is a dream dress for pastel goths alike! Check out all of our dresses today!

Our Pastel Goth Pants and Pastel Goth Shorts are sooooo cute! These bottoms are all pink and purple paired with black with some dark text on the ass or all over the pants! Some of our favorites are our Pink and Black Stipe Bell Bottoms and our Purple and Black Stripe Flare Pants! These Hellz Bellz go perfect with any Demonia chunky shoe! Speaking of Demonias, this collection has all the pretty pink Demonias you need! The Camel-17 Chunky Heel Demonias in pink is a must for the summertime! They are so cute and environmentally friendly as they are built using vegan leather! 

Pastel Goths deserve love, and too fast is here to provide all you goth clothing divas with the best pastel goth gear one can ask for <3 Keep building your kawaii goth aesthetic!

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