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Goth is about finding beauty in darkness - Too Fast has been a living embodiment of this sentiment since our start way back in 2005.

Our gothic clothing is more than an all-black curation, it is a statement of modern goth looks - taking inspiration from Gen-Z and Millenials while staying true to our roots. Unlike these trend hoppers, we sell genuine nu-goth looks brought to you from the original alternative store on the web, Too Fast.

Our boutique combines the occult, oddity, romantic, and manacing themes into our garments. This collection of goth apparel will fill your craving for new clothes at an affordable price.

In this collection, you will find plenty of dark and disturbing clothing, just how you like it. We carry Demonia Platform Stompers, striped pants, emo crop tops, gothic dresses, loud prints, arm warmers, fingerless gloves, goth swimwear, alternative sweatpants, punk hoodies, creepy short shorts, emo accessories, and more!

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