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At Too Fast, we want you to feel inspired to build a wardrobe that defines you, wether that is through one of our style choices or all of them. Constantly being updated, our style collections will never fail to encourage you to try something new at the right price. Check them out, we wont disappoint.

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All Black, Just like you want it. Our alternative collection was created to give you a taste of the fast life. This collection was made for you if you stand up to authority and do what you want. Don't let anyone take that from you.


Pretty in Pink and Purple, our pastel goth collection speaks for itself. Too Fast devotes itself to bring you vibrant colors on beautiful garments. Made to be cute, colorful and crazy, this collection will have you craving for more.


Magic has been part of your identity since you can remember. Obsessed with black cats and broomsticks, this collection is a witches dream. Made for the strange and unusual, this collection will take you back to the days of playing witches with your gals!


It's how we like our drinks refilled, our music played, and our wheels spun. That love for speed, horror, metal and of course good old fashion punk rock. This collection is made for the fast life.