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At Too Fast, we want you to feel inspired to build a wardrobe that defines you. Our shop by style collections will help you achieve your personal aesthetic. We are constantly updating, add ing & editing our curated style collections. Check them out, we won’t disappoint!

the starting point

Shop Alternative

This collection was bult to give you a taste of the alternative aesthetic. With a little bit of Punk, Witch, Edge and goth, this is your starting point to find your alternative aesthetic. Nothing too flashy, but enough to keep heads turning. You knew you wanted to be different, but haven't found your way into a defining style. This is the place for you.

Dark and twisted


You idolize Wednesday Addams, Siouxsie Sioux, and Theda Bara. You take your coffee black the same way you wear your clothes. Dark and twisted, you live your life under an umbrella with the sounds of Bauhaus and The Cure. Too Fast knows your pain, and we will supply you with the all black, goth clothing you have been searching for. With brands like restyle and our own creations, you will find all you desire at Too Fast.

Cute but killer


Pretty in Pink and Purple, our pastel goth collection speaks for itself. Devilish words on cute but killer clothing. You are kawaii while dark, you like hello kitty but identify with Melody Kuromi. You like a little sparkle to your black clothes, and Too Fast will have your back. Our collection features all a pastel goth would need, from Colorful Demonia boots to pair with pastel shorts or Flares, and to top it off, colorful shirts to complete your outfit.

Strange and Unusual


Magic has been part of your identity since you can remember. Obsessed with black cats and broomsticks, this collection is a witches dream. Made for the strange and unusual, this collection will take you back to the days of playing witches with your gals! Get your spell book ready, light your candals, and shop the witchy collection collection from Too Fast.

the fast life


You move with speed listening to the Sex Pistols and the Misfits, and as a misfit yourself, you love to be bold and brashful. You live the fast life, with loud music, drinks flowing, and a dont give a f**k attitude! You were born this way, and would feel incomplete without the scene. You give it to authority and live an anachist life. Too Fast was birthed by a 90's woman Punk in her basement with spray paint and ebay. A true DIY or Die punk with nothing but a glowing love for the punk movement and the hatred she recieved as a kid. This is her baby, and Too Fast will be your one stop shop for all things punk!