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Goth, Punk & Edgy — Winter Essentials [2022-2023]

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Too Fast Ski Mask

Goth, Punk & Edgy — Winter Essentials [2022-2023]

Baby, it may be cold outside…but you can stay warm and toasty and oozing with style! With the right alt winter clothes, that is. Don’t break into a sweat — we’re making it easy for you with this handy winterwear shopping guide.

Whatever direction your fashion sense takes you in — there are goth, punk, witchy, and other edgy options for you this winter. We’re highlighting styles that’re sure to light your fire whether you like lighter layering pieces, cozy garments, or warm and comfy accessories.

Fill Your Closet with These Winter Basics (that’re Anything but Basic!)

Looking cool and feeling hot this winter is easy breezy if you build out your winter wardrobe well. With these fun pieces, you don’t stand a snowflake’s chance in hell of blah dressing or succumbing to the wrath of winter.


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Pastel Goth Baphomet Christmas Sweater

#1 Remember the Best Winter Essential: The Sweatshirt

Don’t diss the humble sweatshirt! It’s a real trooper when the weather outside is frightful or freezing. Plus, with so many fun designs — like our Pastel Baphomet Sweatshirt — they’re mood boosters as well. It may be dark and gloomy outside, but you don’t have to be (unless you want to be, of course).

Pom Pom Fuzzy Sweater

#2 Up Your Alternative Winter Clothes Game with a Sweater

OK, so maybe sweatshirts aren’t your thing (as if!). In that case, stock up on sweaters. They’re fuzzy hugs made of yarn that’ll keep you feeling snuggly all winter long. You have no shortage of colors and styles to choose from so you’re not going to get bored. And, if you ask us, our fur-embellished zip cardigans are to die for!

Christmas Bell Bottom Flares

#3 Cover Your Butt with Winter Fashion Bottoms

Hey, let’s face it — your @ss can get quite frosty if it’s not in some pants. Yes, dresses and skirts rock our world, but even with tights underneath, they can be…drafty and nippy. The solution: Have tried-and-true sweats, joggers, leggings, and bell bottoms on hand.

Too Fast Ski Masks

#4 Accessorize Your Winter Outfits

Raise the temperature of your winter basics with stylish accessories. More than just unique or fun adornments, well-chosen items — ski masks, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, and so on — can help protect you from the elements.

Demonia Boots

#5 Keep Your Feet Happy with Punk/Goth Winter Boots

Yah, ward off frostbite and soggy socks with some insanely sick boots. We have a gazillion styles — you’ll love them all and have a really hard time picking just one or two pairs. These are definitely signature pieces for your cold-weather ensemble.

#6 Get Yourself a Goth/Punk Winter Coat or Jacket

Outerwear is just as important as what you put when you stay inside. It can be harsh out there, y’all! So having a couple of options available to grab is just plain smart. Maybe a moto or bomber jacket, a hooded parka to guard against the snow, or some rain gear is a good place to start.

Outfit Ideas for Winter Meets Alternative Fashion Tips

Whether you’re heading out or staying in, you can create a wardrobe that’s stylish and fit for winter. Just collect some winter basics to mix and match and you’re good to go!

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