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Happy Alt New Year!

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Happy New Year!

Happy Alt New Year!

Out with the old, in with the new! Don’t just open your 2023 calendar, open yourself up to a year of fresh possibilities.

It’s that time of year again: the end. Take advantage of the opportunity to bid 2022 a fond farewell and welcome in 2023 with cheer and positive vibes.

With a little creativity and effort, you can goth or punk every aspect of your New Year’s Eve and the following 365 days, too.

Parties: Goth & Punk New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Kick your new year off right, with a slammin’ New Year’s Eve party. Now, everyone has their own idea of what makes for a 5-star celebration. We’re totally on board with that!

Regardless of whether your ideal NYE involves hordes of people getting sloppy silly or a night of solitude in the comfort of your own home — it’s all legit. But, our vote is for amping it up in some way, to take it from being an ordinary evening to being an extraordinary occasion.

Here are just a handful of suggestions…

  • Glam it up. If you’re headed out on the town, maybe add some sparkle to your outfit, hair, or makeup. If you’re staying in, definitely top off your “fancy” PJs with jewelry, a feather boa, a tiara, or whatever makes your smile touch your eyes.
  • Treat yourself. Hell yeah — get the premium toppings on your pizza! Let yourself take a rideshare instead of the bus! Indulge a bit so you can really enjoy yourself and ride the tide of prosperity into the new year.
  • Connect with what matters. So, this’ll mean something different to everyone. If you’re a people person, you could make plans to spend quality time with your besties or have dinner with the family. If you’re more the lone-wolf type, perhaps you set aside a few additional moments to tuck into a good book, do something creative, or sip on some tea while daydreaming. The point is to tap into something you hold dear before getting crazy later in the night.
  • Curate your playlist. Delight your ears with tunes that are especially awesome for New Year’s Eve. If you’re at a loss, you can find tons of recommendations for “punk songs for the new year” and “goth songs to celebrate new year’s” with a quick internet search.

Whatever you end up doing — have a ball, friends!



Promises: New Year, New You?

Once NYE is over and done with, you have the rest of 2023 ahead of you. Your celebrations hopefully usher in the new year on a high note. What you do next may help determine if it stays in that happy and healthy zone.

Now, we aren’t necessarily suggesting that you buy in wholesale to ye olde new year’s resolutions. (Those have a shockingly high failure rate!!!) Nor are we advocating ambling around in rose-colored glasses and hoping dumb luck favors you this year.

Instead, we’re offering up the concept of thinking about how you want the year to roll. Being mindful and organized with what you think, say, and do can champion action, accountability, and accomplishment. Have heart and go take the world by storm!

Head online for punk rock style or goth new year’s resolutions inspiration. You’ll find some helpful videos, Pinterest boards, etc. that may get your brain firing on all cylinders.

Make 2023 Your Greatest Year Yet

Starting the new year off on solid footing and keeping it going that way is within your power. You can set yourself up for a sweet year by living it up a little on New Year’s Eve and making a commitment to yourself to do what you need to do in 2023.

And, luckily, even though NYE parties and new year’s resolutions are pretty much mainstream fare, you can absolutely take it alternative. Spice up your celebrations, look, and even your intention setting with punk and goth style.

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