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Be. A. Grunge. Master. — Making the Grunge Aesthetic Your Own

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Be. A. Grunge. Master. — Making the Grunge Aesthetic Your Own

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Want to channel your inner Jonathan Poneman and find your own take on grunge style? Keep reading and grunge on!

Grunge aesthetics — originating in the late 80s/early 90s and popularized by bands like Nirvana and Pearl Jam — continue to be hot for clothing, accessories, hair, and more. The style is characterized by brooding colors, edgier looks, and a thrift-store chicness.

Sound enticing to you? Hell yeah! So, in this post, we knock out some ways you can take grunge fashion concepts and rock them your way.


How To Style Grunge Your Way

Never feel stuck with your grunge style again! Give these ideas a whirl to create grunge outfits, grunge hair, etc. that really scream YOU.

Start with Neutral Tones

Choose a base color — like black, white, brown, or gray — for your outfits.

A great way to incorporate neutral tones in your style to create a personalized grunge aesthetic is by pairing an item that's in a dark neutral with another piece that's in a light neutral. Alternatively, mix and match your understated neutral with something that pops — like an eye-catching distressed denim jacket or a print tee.

And, don't feel limited in your palette. While a dark grunge aesthetic is an obvious go-to, you can create a grunge green aesthetic with botanical hues or a soft grunge aesthetic with stony shades.

These approaches create a subtle, yet stylish, foundation that can be dressed up or down, go from day to night, or be switched up to fit your in-the-moment mood.

Add Plaids & Graphic Tees

Get creative with flannels and t-shirts.

Try wearing a plaid button-down with a bad@ss moto jacket or that top you got at the concert you went to last month. Or, pair a tee emblazoned with a cheeky quote with hot pants, fishnets, and strappy heels for a sassy AF look. If you're feeling like an extra grunge, combine a buffalo plaid shacket and ripped jeans.

Grunge fashion also loves plaid in forms that aren't flannel shirts. Plaid skirts, pants, swimsuits, and so on work, too.

And, remember, these pieces are perfect for layering. Sometimes more is more!

Invest in Leather Pieces

Leather is a must-have for any grunge wardrobe.

Don't hide your hides! Leather's an essential part of the grunge aesthetic, offering an edgy and rebellious look. Leather jackets, skirts, pants, accessories — you name it, they're great options for adding some raw to your grunge outfits.

Plus, you can wear these pieces in a variety of ways, so they're a slam-dunk for a range of settings and occasions. Experimenting with different combinations will help you create a unique look that reflects your own style.

And if genuine leather is not in your budget or lifestyle — opting for faux alternatives is totally legit!

Add Some Accessories

Spice up your grunge outfit with beanies, bandanas, chokers, and more.

Understanding how to style grunge may be as simple as embellishing your look with some choice accessories.

Want grunge hair? Top off with a knit cap. Or, wrangle your shaggy do with a plaid headband.

Even your feet can get in on the game. For example, combat boots — like everlasting Doc Martins — won't fail you. And don’t forget socks make a statement, too!

Pretty much anything goes with accessories. You have carte blanche to leverage jewelry, shoes, hats — whatever — to design your unique version of a grunge aesthetic.

Layer Layer Layer

Build your own grunge look with different textures and garments.

Layering is a fast and easy technique for creating a customized and versatile grunge aesthetic. Don’t be afraid to put soft pieces with rougher ones, darks with lights, solids with prints, casual with structured — you get the point.

Yes, Grunge Aesthetic Be Mine!

Grunge style is all about expressing yourself and having fun with fashion. With the right combo of neutral tones, plaids and graphics, leather and denim, and accessories — you can create an original and authentic grunge aesthetic that's unique to you.

So, get creative and don't be afraid to experiment with different colors, textures, and patterns. With a little bit of effort and imagination, you'll figure out how to have a grunge style you love.

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