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Witches Altar Space

Mysticism & Magic Meanings & Marvels

There’s so much that lies outside the confines of the earthly and everyday. Come with us today and explore the occult, the paranormal, the miraculous, and the mysterious in our daily lives.

Hocus pocus, fairy dust, fortune telling. There are so many different strains and names for the different faces of magic and mysticism. In this post, we’ll hit the high points and then offer up some ways you can bring more hex with less vex into your life.

What are Mysticism & Magic(k)?

Magic and mysticism are related but different. They often go hand in hand.

Magic & Magick

Magic is the power to influence or manipulate things through supernatural means. The seven practices classified as magic are divination, astrology, incantations, alchemy, sorcery, spirit mediation, and necromancy. When used for nefarious reasons, magic’s sometimes referred to as black or dark magic.

Still, though, magic done by a stage performer for entertainment purposes is a different beast than the magic done by practicing Wiccans. The witchcraft of the Wicca tradition is often called magick — with a “k” on the end. The origin and use of this spelling are debated but, hey, it makes sense that there’d be a movement to distinguish between the two “magics.”


Mysticism consists of religious or spiritual experiences that occur during an altered state of consciousness. These experiences are usually accompanied by or in conjunction with related ideologies, traditions, rituals, legends, or magic.

There are three kinds of mysticism (theistic, monistic, and panenhenic) that encompass all the different “brands” of mysticism — like Kabbala. In modern day, there’s a rise in what’s called “secular mysticism” that sort of divorces mysticism from its religious roots and takes advantage of mystic practices (e.g., meditation) for physical or psychological benefit.


Adding Some Mystical & Magic(k)al to Your Life

Magic and mysticism hold such a special place in our culture that the motifs are etched into or emblazoned onto all kinds of everyday items. This rocks because it offers you so much freedom and a variety of ways to embrace the supernatural and spiritual.

And, if you’re in need of some inspiration, on how to do this — we can help! These goodies are sure to cast a spell on you….

Sacred Eyes Witchy Skater Dress

Enchanted Apparel

A few key pieces like these will take your wardrobe to another astral plane. Creepy cute and versatile, these dresses celebrate magic and mysticism with iconic symbols (that also look great on clothing!)

Drippy Metal Pentagram Earrings

Bewitched Accessories

No ensemble is complete without the right embellishments. They put the special spark of individualism and a dash of “from the other realm” into your outfit.

BobbbK Devil Tarot Candle For Your Altar Space

Charmed Décor

It’s not always about what you wear but the space you’re in. If you’re interested in interior design that could only be called Voodoo Chic, Sophisticated Sorcery, or Nouveau Cult — your tea leaves might tell you to fill your home with things like:

Otherworldly in Our Everyday

Magic (and magick) and mysticism have been around since at least ancient times and are sure to stick around for years to come. Maybe it’s their ties to what’s beyond our immediate and physical perceptions. Maybe it’s because they hold power and potential. Maybe it’s because they’re anchored in age-old lore and rites.

Whatever the reason, you can enjoy them and bring them into your daily life in so many ways. Try adding elements of the occult into what you wear or some divinity into your home décor.

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