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Welcome to the Punkhouse! How to Punkify Your Home

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Welcome to the Punkhouse! How to Punkify Your Home 

Your clothes, hair, and makeup are 100% punk. Why stop there? Make your living spaces reflect your alt style, too! For ideas on adding punk home décor to your house, keep reading.

Punk design isn’t restricted to just how you style yourself. If you’re punk, it can make any old house feel like home.

Decking out your space with punk accessories can be simple, quick, and affordable. In this post, we offer up some suggestions you can run with.

From Punk Design to Punk Home Décor

Punk style is an attitude that can extend to more than just the way you dress, it can also be seen in the way you decorate your home. Punk home décor can show off your alternative edge and make your living space one of a kind.

There are loads of punk accessories and home décor items — from furniture to artwork to wall hangings — available to help you achieve that elusive punk interior design aesthetic that's oh-so-you.

Once you get started, you'll discover how fun and easy it is to transform your home. Are you ready to take your space from being an ordinary room to stand-out punk paradise?

”Punk rock should mean freedom, liking and accepting anything that you like…. As long as it's good and it has passion.” — Kurt Cobain

Must-Have Punk Accessories for Your Home & Beyond

If your home doesn't have an ounce of punkhouse charm yet, no worries! We've rounded up some knock-out ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

(Nothing's harder than staring at a blank slate, right? Thankfully, the lists will save you from that fate. Phew!)


Punk Style Bedroom Accents

Your boudoir is probably the one space in your home that you want to feel most comfortable in. It should really feel like “you.”

  • Cover your bed with a tattoo flash punk quilt. See? A blanket can do double duty, keeping you cozy and showing your punky stripes!
  • Toss around some punk-approved pillows and cushions — ones in black and bright colors, made from leather or with edgy accents, or featuring punk band motifs or quotes.
  • Spice things up with a pentagram heart-shaped rug. Sometimes you have to look down. Might as well have an appealing floor covering to gaze at. Plus, these are softer on the feet than bare tile or wood.
  • Check yourself out in a unique mirror that’s a true reflection of your punk tastes. This one makes all those rectangle looking glasses seem so blah!

Punk Rock Accessories for the Kitchen

The kitchen doesn’t have to be devoid of your personality. You can create a space that pleases all your punk senses!

  • Line your shelves with sassy and snarky coffee mugs. With so many options available, you’re sure to find the punk-perfect one.
  • Get some punk-inspired utensils or plateware. With a little routing around, you can find everything from spoons that look like skulls to tea sets adorned with bats.
  • Complete your barware with a cheeky hip flask. It’ll look spot-on decorative when not in active use and delight you when you are sipping on it.

Add-Anywhere Punk-Style Room Touches

Sometimes you come across items that can slide naturally into any room’s décor. Which is super helpful if you have lots of separate zones in your place that need some punkifying.

  • Stock your bookcase with punk “classics” like Riot Woman or Hard Times. These are also stellar coffee table books.
  • Hang some punk art on the walls. You can easily mount a sweet-@ss music festival poster or frame a fun greeting card.
  • Store your small, random stuff in a punk tote instead of rigid baskets or bins. These work well because you can put them on something (floor, bench, etc.) or hang them up — versatile and adaptable AF.
  • Display your precious objects or collectables in an eye-catching coffin-shaped wall shelf.
  • Spruce things up with punk patches and stickers. This is the ultimate easy path to DIY customization of off-the-shelf furniture and textiles.
”I felt like myself- and that was what punk was. The freedom to be who I was unapologetically….”
— Phúc Trần, Sigh, Gone: A Misfit's Memoir of Great Books, Punk Rock, and the Fight to Fit In

Punk Interior Design — You Can Totally Rock It!

Show off your individuality and make your house a home with punk interior design. With the right punk accessories, you can create living spaces that feel like an extension of your punk fashion style and interests.

From adding punk-style bedroom accents to equipping your kitchen with punk-rock cutlery and cookware, you can definitely declare your punkiness with ease. It only takes a little creativity and effort — and then voilà! you have a personalized punk pad that you can proudly call your own.

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