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What Makes Style Edgy?

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Fringe Fashion: What Makes Style Edgy?

Don’t be like all the others! Cut through the BS of dressing the same as everyone else with your own personal brand of fashion edginess. With our help, of course.

What is Edgy Fashion, Wearing skeleton hands racerback.

It's a readily accepted fact that there are more and less daring ways to dress. If you're keen on beating fashion trends by being on their bleeding edges — then keep reading to see how you can innovate your wardrobe.

What Is “Style Edginess”?

Fashion can be a staple to any wardrobe, but it's also insanely versatile. From head-to-toe looks featuring vibrant hues splashed across a bold print to standout accessories like statement jewelry or gem-encrusted belts — there seems to be no shortage of fresh options for you! And, once you get your hands on some key pieces — you can arrange or alter them to be even more avant-garde.

But what is edgy? Well, it's pretty subjective really.

What's on the fringe or commonplace isn't dictated solely by what is trending or popular at the moment. It evolves and is very personal according to what you think is stylish.

For example, if someone else wears an outfit that you think appears unusual on them but they don't find it outlandish — then perhaps it might not be considered edgy after all! And, given the lens of time, the outfit may rank differently on your "edgy-o-meter" in a few years.

Gaining an understanding of what constitutes "style edginess" to you is a process of self-realization and growth. By identifying what makes you stand out, you can explore ways to present yourself and ultimately cultivate a more enriching lifestyle.

Why Some Styles Seem Edgy at First Glance

It's all about perception. And no two people's are alike.

When you're trying something new or "a bit out there," keep in mind that people might not see the same level of edge in your look as you do. So, what's cutting-edge to your senses may be kind of boring or unappealing to another. (So screw them! You do you.)

For example, you might be drawn to loud patterns because they buck the beige trend. But if that print is garish and clashes with other pieces in your outfit — others may see your look as messy and unrefined rather than edgy.

Examples of “Attitude” in Fashion

Style edginess can be interpreted in numerous ways. It can manifest itself through your choice of clothing — from luxurious yet ostentatious designs to modest and understated (but still definitely off-center) options. Or, perhaps, you prefer to show your stripes with edgy hairstyles, makeup, and body modifications.

Anyway, how about a couple of examples of notable examples of fashion warriors? Lady Gaga, Bjork, Rihanna, Billie Eilish, David Bowie, Prince come to mind.... These individuals certainly showcase their unique personalities in their style!


7 Things You Can Do to Make Your Style Edgier

Whether you admit it or not, your style choices undoubtedly signal something about who you are. Are you revealing yourself in your attire? Are you confident enough to push the envelope?

We'll assume you are on board. So, how do you pull it off?

The key is to find a balance between being fashion-forward and achieving your look without making a huge fuss. And, experiment and have fun!

How to Look Edgy

Try these techniques:

  1. Play around with exuberant accessories and vibrant colors to create some Wow and Pow.
  2. Mix distinct elements, such as patterns, textures, and cuts, for visual interest — like a long-sleeved sweater under some shortalls.
  3. Compose outfits that include "edgy" pieces and some more-conventional options for contrast and tension.
  4. Think eclectically — draw inspiration from all corners of your life, not just the fashion realm.
  5. Look to the past. As contradictory as it may sound, incorporating retro components (maybe in new ways) can be very fashion futuristic.
  6. Incorporate counter-cultural or occult motifs — skulls, barbed wire, “metal” fonts, etc.
  7. Just be authentic! Dig deep and express yourself. Get ideas from others but don't copy their look 100%.

Be on the Forefront of Fashion

For those who relish risk-taking, edgy style can be exhilarating. It's an opportunity to give conventionality the finger and strike out on your own uncompromising and totally-you path.

You have plenty of time to explore your own sense of fashion and develop a personalized trend-defying look. Now get to it!

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