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Beyond Body Positivity: You've Got It, so Flaunt It!

You’re a stunner inside and out — and the world should know it! Check out this post to learn more about body acceptance and positivity and how you can play with fashion to let your light shine through. Everyone deserves to feel good about themselves. Body positivity strives to make this a reality. Let’s take a look….

What is Body Positivity?

Body positivity may seem like a cheap trend or a couple of buzzwords. But the idea behind it is way more meaningful and is aimed at being impactful and helpful. So, according to experts, body positivity is a social movement that encompasses a handful of central themes. This movement: Promotes the acceptance of all bodies, regardless of their size, shape, color, gender, sex, physical abilities, etc. Challenges beauty norms and ideals — many of which are unattainable by most people Acknowledges that “beauty” is a subjective, changeable social construct Advocates that one’s appearance should not be the basis of a person’s sense of self or worth

Body Acceptance — You’re So Much More Than Just a Skin Suit!

Just so you know, this is sometimes also called body neutrality. Either way, it’s an important concept that’s a little different than body positivity. Some people think body positivity might push folks to focus too much on physical appearances. Body acceptance or neutrality seeks to keep us more balanced. Basically, it’s advocating for people to not get overly hung up on their looks. Like, reaching a healthy middle ground where you’re cool with your body — you accept and respect it — but aren’t obsessed with loving or hating it. Body acceptance also values and prioritizes how you feel as an critical aspect of your personal relationship with your body. Yes, your appearance may be important or help you distinguish yourself and convey identity. But it’s not the essence of who you are. You’re a hell of a lot more than your boobs, butt, or buzz cut! So, this is sort of also a caution not to wade into the body positivity toxic end of the pool. While you’re certainly a knock-out on the outside – you’re even more gorgeous on the inside. Heart, mind, spirit matter baby! Also, keep in mind that literally *EVERYONE* has flaws and insecurities – it’s normal. And it’s OK to accept them.

Embracing Your Body View At Too Fast, we know “beauty” comes in all kinds of packages.

Variety is what gives individuality and meaning to each of us and enriches our communities. If everyone were the same — how boring would that be?! That’s why we go out of our way to offer you a huge selection of clothing and accessories. You’ll find fun and flattering options that are sure to have you feeling like a million bucks — inside and out! And in today’s world — where first impressions count a lot, cyberbullying is rampant, access to information and communication is fast and pervasive — couldn’t we all use a little more TLC and celebration of how f*ing amazing we each are? As is. The answer to that question is a big fat “Hells yah!” So, check out these bad@ss fashions and get inspired to reveal your awesomeness to yourself and the world at large:



Sexy Sleek Punk Rock Green Plaid Corset One-Piece Swimsuit You’ll feel like a punk rock mermaid dominating the seas in this swimwear! Why? Well, on top of the striking green-and-black plaid pattern — always a winner! — this swimsuit has structure and details that give you plenty of support where you want it and visual appeal. That’s a combo that lets you be comfortable, confident, and active.


Statement Piece: I Hate People Cute Plus-Size Lace Trim Crop Cami Sport this cute tiny tank and there’ll be no question of your social sentiments! LOL. But, seriously, a sweet-n-sassy shirt like this lets you show your true colors. And what’s more attractive than that? Plus, with its soft, stretchy fabric, you can count on a hug-your-body look that does your hotness justice.


It Becomes You…Death Wish Tattoo Shop Unisex Graphic T-Shirt Hey — guys — body positivity and acceptance are a thing for you, too! And you can broadcast your personality and be totally on fleek in this expressive shirt. It’ll fit you to a “tee” so you can feel free to be yourself and do your thing. Own it, bro.

Plus Size Swimsuit

Pastel Goth Pentagram Hearts Plus-Size Eyelet One-Piece Swimsuit? Uh, Yah! Girl, put it all out there! Wear this number on the beach or at the pool and your inner spirit will peek out through the peek-a-boo lace-up bust of this mystical maillot. Show some cleavage and what you’re all about! No hiding — it’s all on display, which can be freeing. (Just remember to bring sunscreen!)

Stars and Bats Hoodie

The Just-Right Bats & Stars Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt Sometimes, feeling good in your own skin means wearing clothes that give you ample freedom of movement. This hoodie strikes the right balance — it’s got plenty of character, isn’t fitted or too baggy, and is perfect for year-round use. Get this and you’ll know you’re not just stylish and interesting — you’re smart, too.

Accept It — You’re Hot Sh*t (Just as You Are!) Body positivity and acceptance are social movements that advocate for a healthy love and appreciation for how your body looks, feels, and functions. You can support your own sense of body positivity in many ways. One option is to wear clothing that expresses your personality, is comfortable, and enables you to live your best and most authentic life. Too Fast recognizes each person’s flame of inner and outer beauty — which is why you’ll always find products that work for all kinds of bodies.

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