Baby Ghoul Patch Set of 2

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Punk Patch | Set Of 2 Baby Ghoul

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Size OS
Color Black

Tired Of Being Called Baby Girl? Tell Em To Call You Baby Ghoul! Go Back In Time To Experience The 70's with This Retro Patch Set!

Our awesome Creepy, Punk and Tattoo inspired patches are great for whatever DIY needs you may have! Use them to spice up ur fits, add to that boring pair of jeans, or that bag you love but is still missing something... Get creative with em!

  • Old School Punk Rock Cloth Patches
  • Hand Cut, Raw-Edge, Sew On Style
  • Canvas Cotton Twill
  • No Washing Instructions Needed
  • 100% Cotton
Size Chart
  • 2 Patch Set
  • Each Patch is Approx. 5" x 3"