Too Fast | Short Shorts Black | Mystical Witch Craft
Too Fast | Short Shorts Black | Mystical Witch Craft

Mystical Witch Craft Black Dolphin Shorts


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Color Black/White

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Ghost, Ghouls, Spells and tarot cards. This magical summer short is perfect for all your witch needs. Fixed with crystals, stars and bats you can cast a spell on all the boys wearing these summer witchy shorts. CAUTION: WEAR THESE MYSTICAL SHORTS AT YOUR OWN RISK - SPELLS AND MYSTICS ARE BOUND TO OCCUR.

Our short shorts have a super sexy fit that is perfect for lounging, working out, or just doing yer regular thing. Beach-goers, derby girls, and sexy bitches everywhere love Too Fast hot shorts and you will too! Perfect for the hot summer ahead, all you goths will be running the game in this Hot Goth Summer! Our Shorts are incredably soft and fit perfect to all the right curves. Try them today while supplies last!