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Try Your Luck Mystery Bin Box Womens Imperfect Pieces

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Feeling lucky? Then try your hand with our random imperfect mystery items! These pieces will each contain a small defect due to variations during the printing process, but that won't stop 'em from being super cute! With each purchase, you will receive either a killer shirt, tank, shorts, sweatpants, hoodie, or another specialty garment from either Too Fast or one of the other awesome brands we sell. All of the items are brand new & never worn of course, just delightfully unique. Either way, you've got a chance to get something worth up to $70 for only $6! And if you like what you see on the site, we are sure you'll like what you get. Good luck!

★ One random item will be drawn from our imperfect items mystery bin
★ The garment will be in the size of your choice.
★ **If you order 3 or more, it is possible to receive repeat items!!**

Customer Reviews

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Hailey Damreau
Awesome mystery items

I love mystery items but I know from experience that sometimes they can just suck. I bought two since they are super cheap. I received a pair of shorty style shorts with a bat and cobwebs on the bat and a pair of sweatpants with bats on them and a skeleton hand. The defects are SUPER minor IMO. I still don't know what is wrong with the shorts. The decal on skelly hand wasn't all there (that was the defect.for.the sweats) but that was an easy fix by pulling it off as much as I could. Will definitely buy again.


I got an adorable and comfy black hoodie with a lavender bat print on one of the arms. I'm in love with it, and genuinely couldn't tell why it was classified as an imperfect piece at first. I'm over the moon with my purchase.


Got a cute pair of shorts actually fits too


Love it I get one mystery item EVERYTIME I ORDER SOMETHING AMAZING


Bought 2 so they gave me a set of pjs!! Super cute cartoony sweet goat head Janis love