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5 Music Blogs to Tune In To [2023]

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5 Punk, Goth & Alternative Music Blogs Worth Tuning In To [2023]

At a loss for which new music blogs to check out? Here are our picks for top music bloggers/best blogs for music fans for this year. Check it out!

With so many blogs to choose from, how do you know where to even start?! It can be overwhelming. But we’ve got ya!

Here are some of our favorite music blogs. We’re sure that 1) you’ll love them, and 2) they’ll continue to churn out great content for you to enjoy.

Get comfy — maybe in a band-inspired t-shirt or tank? — and dive into the music blog sites.


Our Picks for This Year’s Best Blogs for Music

These incredible music blogs offer something for everyone. You'll find a variety of:

  • Interesting and unique perspectives on the music industry
  • Artist interviews
  • Album reviews
  • The latest trends in music
  • Announcements and info for concerts and events
  • So much more!

Whether you're looking for new music to explore or just want to stay in the know — these blogs can help you get closer to the artists, albums, and songs that make up today's punk, goth, and alternative musical landscape.

Music Blog #1: Dying Scene

This LA-based blog is the place to be if you’re at all interested in the punk scene. It covers news, reviews, interviews, and more for a variety of punk/punk-offshoot music bands. New content is posted on a daily basis. The contributors’ and staff’s love and knowledge of punk really shines through in the content. Enjoy!

Music Blog #2: The Punk Site

Another great blog in the punk music space here. These guys have been cranking out news, stories, contests, commentary, support, etc. — usually with multiple posts per day — since 2003. While this blog’s based in Vancouver, British Columbia, you’ll get your fill of all the good stuff from an international team of contributors.

Music Blog #3: Punktastic

Are you passionate about the underground music scene? So are these folks — and it shows in the punk-, rock-, metal-, and hardcore-related content they produce. They’re eager to expose readers to new music and build community. Based in London, England, this blog publishes something new several times per week.

Music Blog #4: The Hard Times

Branching out a bit from just music, this blog is a jackpot of punk culture gold. It’s seriously pure fun. You’ll find content — posted a couple of times each week — on everything from music to video games to live events. Smart, satirical, entertaining, and sure to make you LOL, it’s clear the creators of this site are hellbent on having a good time and sharing it with you!

Music Blog #5: Punktuation!

Last but definitely not least, this blog is dedicated to punk rock music, culture and lifestyle. Here, you’ll discover a world of news, features, interviews, reviews, and more. Run by a veteran music journalist, you can count on getting quality content, the inside track, and cutting-edge info in the blog’s many weekly posts.

Check Out Some of the World's Best Music Blogs!

Cash in on our curated list of awesome music blogs to enjoy in 2023 — it’s a solid jumping-off point.

From punk to rock to metal and hardcore, these blogs have something for everyone — even you. With frequent posts, quality content, and a diverse set of creators and contributions, they offer unique perspectives on music and the industry.

Have fun checking them all out!

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