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Rock On - Hottest Blogs, Concerts & Shows

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Rock On - Hottest Blogs, Concerts and Shows

With so much goth and punk content and so many events out there — it can be hard to hone in on the best of the best. Here are some of our top picks, plus a few other always-highly rated ones you'll love.

Get ready to fill up your social calendar! With music and music-related stuff meant just for hard-core punks and goths.

This Sh*t's Legit — Banging Sites/Shows to Check Out

We've curated this shortlist just to give you some ideas.

Some of these are time-sensitive. But, if you miss these in 2022 — you might be able to catch them again in the future!

Best Punk and Goth Blogs and Websites

Best Punk & Goth Blogs & Websites

Get comfy in your fave punk and goth-inspired romper or PJs and have a good read.

  • The Hard Times. Ready for some LOLs? This punk meme blog pokes fun at the "average punk" in a light-hearted way. It's like The Onion, but skewed for punk sensibilities.
  • The Blogging Goth. If you want to know what's going on in the world of goth — this is the site for you. This blog focuses on news and events that'll be of interest to you.
  • La Carmina. This award-winning alt fashion, travel, and culture blog is a whirlwind of adventures. It's dedicated to featuring goth and other subcultures around the world.

TV Shows, Films & Documentaries Every Goth or Punk Should Watch

Put on your chillest crop top + flare pants duo and relax into some five-star storytime.

  • Pistols. Hulu's new docuseries about the New Sex Pistols explores the rock revolution and the band's role in the movement. This one's a wild ride!
  • Bomb City. This punk movie from 2017 is based on the true story of Brian Deneke's death. It's a dark look at the clash of cultures and values and the tragic outcomes of hate and intolerance. Always a timely watch...
Goth Music Festivals and Punk Concerts Not to Miss

Goth Music Festivals & Punk Concerts Not to Miss

Better hurry and get tickets — these are right around the bend! (And don't forget to snatch up some sick AF concert-going clothes, maybe a cute dress that you can really dance in?)

  • This is Hardcore Fest. (July) If you're in the Philadelphia area and you're a hardcore music fan, do yourself a favor and go to this festival. Canceled the past two years due to COVID, it's making a huge comeback this year!
  • Amphi Festival (July), M'era Luna (August), Autumn Moon Festival (October). This trio of alternative music fests are in Germany. We know — it's a long way to go. But could be worth it for those with a sense of adventure! And, if you can't make it IRL, give M'era Luna's streaming radio station a listen anytime, anywhere.

Looking ahead to next year? You may want to check out Cruel World Fest (Pasadena, CA), World Goth Day Festival: Above the Waves (Alameda, CA), Dark Side Of The Con (New Jersey), Wave-Gotik-Treffen (Germany)

So Many Ways to Keep on Rockin'

Which should be music to your ears (and eyes!). While the year's more than half over, you still have plenty of time to catch some great punk, alt, or goth rock acts.

Check out the line-up, both streaming online and at the events venues near you. You're sure to find plenty of options to keep you busy til at least 2023.

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