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Getting Batty with It

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Gettin' batty with it

Bats are amazing animals and oh-so-worthy of our respect — and being emblazoned on our clothes!

Creepy? Cute? Creepy-cute? Whatever — bats look super fly when you have them as a design element on your clothing (and more).

In this post, we've rounded up our battiest best. Are you ready to fill your cave with bats?

But First, a Bit about Bats

Worldwide, there are more than 1,400 known kinds of bats. That's a lot of flying furries! (Yup, they're mammals like us. But able to fly — jealous?)

Bats keep the world running. Tons of plants rely on bats for pollination. And bats can gobble up to their bodyweight in bugs each day — so maybe there are fewer mosquitos out there sucking our blood? And, bats play a key role in a lot of medical advancements.

What else is cool about these "Guardians of the Night"? They represent death and rebirth. Supposedly because they live in caves, which — if you use your imagination — are Mother Earth's "womb."

Plus, bats are just fun and are essential for anyone who loves Halloween. Every. Damn. Day.

Scarewear? Nah, It's Spooky-Sweet!

OK, let's get styling! Just imagine yourself (or your bestie — these make great gifts, too!) with each of these...

Spooky Gang Skater Dress

This skater dress is the perfect way to spread your wings bat babe! It's got some give and is light and airy — so you'll definitely be comfy in it and have freedom of movement. Bats may only come out at night, but this dress is too good not to wear during the daytime, too.

Bat Heart Sports Bra or Crop Tank

Now, you can display your bat love in a seriously cute way. This gem comes as both a sports bra or soft cropped tank. Both great options! (Plus, FYI, bats have belly buttons, too. They'd probably appreciate that you're showing yours off!)

Purple Bats & Stars Lace Trim Crop Cami

Purple bats and stars lace trim crop cami

Edged with lace and sprinkled with stars, this cropped bat cami is flirty and cozy. Wear it out and about or for chilling at home.

Mystical Moon & Star Bat Lace Trim Crop Cami or Baby Tee

Bats and stars purple cropped baby tee

Celestial bat, two ways! As a tee or a tank, this batty motif is too freakin' adorable. Plus, it pairs really well with your favorite flannel or cardie.

OMG! Bats Flare Pant Hellz Bellz

Hellz Bellz flares OMG Bats

Bottoms up! These guys give you the battiest booty ever. Comfy and colorful-but-not-too-colorful, you'll be wearing these stretchy bell bottoms all the time.

Batty Bathing Suits

So, bats don't normally do the beach or pool thing. But, with these epic swimsuits, you can! Ruffles and spiderweb detailing are a bonus... Who knew one-pieces could be so goth chic?

Bikini Bats

Maybe you're more the midriff-baring kind of person? No sweat! Whether you're swimming or just hanging out (upside-down bat-style?), these two-piece suits are the ultimate bat-lovers bikinis.

Bat Magic Shaped Beach Towel

Not only can you wear bat-inspired clothing 24/365, but you can also enjoy this super fun and unique mystical bat beach towel. It'll go great with your new bathing suits, just saying...

Bat Stuff You'll Be Bat-Sh*t Crazy Over

If you love bats as much as we do, you'll be channeling your inner-bat and screeching with delight over these bat-honoring items. So, get yourself a little something batty today.

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