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Goth & Punk Hairstyles for 2023 | Too Fast

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Turning Heads — Standout Goth & Punk Hairstyles for 2023

New year, new look. Changing the cut and color of your hair is a fast and easy way to refresh your style. See what’s hot in hair this year.

Hair trends are funny. It’s like half the style elements remain the same while the other half change faster than you can whip your hair around.

At any rate, it could mean game over for your edgy look if you cling to your 2022 hairstyle. So, in this post, you’ll find a quick take on 2023 hair trends for goth and punk hairstyles.


Top Edgy & Alternative Hair Trends for 2023

If you want your hairstyle to be a cut above the rest, here’s some trends to watch and adopt.

#1 You (Hair)Do You

Is this too obvious? The biggest, baddest rule is break the mold. You’re an original so don’t exact copy someone else’s hairstyle. Take inspiration? Yes. Get direction? Sure. Pick up a few tips and tricks? Why not. Just make it your own, in true alternative fashion.

#2 Accessories Are Always On-Point

Hair accessories are jewelry for the head. They’re a fast and fun way to add sparkle, mix things up from day to day, or just generally put your personal mark on a hairstyle. So go ahead — do an updo with clips, tame your hair with a headband, weave in some beads or tinsel.

#3 You Can’t Go Wrong with Short Hair

Find the right style and anyone can pull off a short haircut. Plus, cropped hair makes it easier to show off other personal style elements — like the killer pentagram choker or moon phases earrings you love so much.

#4 You Also Can’t F Up with a Longer Style

Mid-length and below-the-shoulders dos kick @ss and take names. With more hair, you arguably have more freedom and flexibility to go wild with your style and change things up a bit on the daily. Which is why longer styles are also sticking around in 2023.

#5 Shape It Up

Beyond the decision of whether to go short or stay with a longer style, the overall shape of your haircut — what makes your head look like a ball, bell, etc. in profile — is a defining trait. Mohawks (and their variations) will be in forever. In 2023, you can also expect to see a lot of asymmetrical cuts (e.g., longer in the front than back or left side longer than the right side).

#6 There’s No Such Thing as Too Much Color

The palettes are to dye for in 2023. We’re talking lots of vibrant colors applied in bold and striking ways. All-over color will be on-trend. So will strategic and artful use of multiple hues. As for shades, jewel tones (think borderline neon or highlighter-esque), inky and dramatic dark blues/purples/crimsons, and saturated pastels will be the rage. Rainbow (both bright AF and pastel) motifs as well as solid black dye jobs remain in style next year.

#7 Texture’s a Thing, Too

This could mean doing the messy bedhead thing, getting some chunky layers cut in, going curly or ultra-slicked-back, etc. What’s key here is being intentional with the feel and visual texture of your hair. That said, the unkempt look will keep its foothold in 2023. But, smooth hair is also a winner.

#8 Up Your Styling Game

You’ll continue to see long, loose curls, buzzed sections, spikes — some things never go away. But you’ll likely see more use of styling products to create “lifted” looks. For example, gravity-defying bangs on the dudes. Sizzling finishing touches, like shaved-in patterns or designs are gaining traction.

#9 Have a No More Bad Hair Days Outlook

Greasy locks? Unruly — like *really* unruly — mop top? Flatter-than-flat tresses? This is when you can rely on your trusty hats. Put on a beanie or balaclava ski mask and BOOM! Prob solved, mic dropped.

Head into 2023 with the Best Punk or Goth Hairstyle

Now that you know some of the hottest hair trends for 2023, you can make sure you start 2023 with a fresh and fashionable look. Whatever haircut you opt for — make it your own to really let your personality show. It’s the perfect complement to the rest of your carefully honed style!

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