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Find Your Personal Alternative Stryle

Finding Your Personal Alt Style [Quiz + Examples]

What you wear and how you present yourself to the world says a lot about you. So, it’s key to understand your style and be intentional with it. Take our quiz to learn about your personal style.

Personal style is personal communication. Use it — like a tool — to remind yourself of what’s important to you and to let others know as well.

To do that effectively, though, you have to be clear on what your style actually is and how to translate that into a cohesive look.

That’s why you’ll dig our mini-quiz. Just a handful of questions and at the end, you’ll have a better idea of your unique personal alt style.

The DIY Personal Style Assessment

Let’s get started. You know what to do…!

Personal Style Quiz: Finding Your Style Self in 5 Quick Questions

For each question, pick one answer that rings truest to you. Keep track of your choices so you can tally them up when you’re done!

  1. Do you gravitate towards things that are:
    1. Black with bright, high-contrast colors like red, yellow, and green
    2. Black and white and/or dark or jewel-tone colored
    3. Mostly dark but have pops of light pink, soft purple, baby blue, etc.
    4. Dark neutral or earthy colors that are muted yet could be described as rich, inky, moody
  2. When you get dressed, one of your goals is to make a statement that’s all about being:
    1. Loud, rebellious, and socially aware
    2. Unique, anti-establishment, counter-consumerism
    3. Cutesy, sweet, doll-like, kawaii, bohemian — yet with a harsher edge or disturbing undertone
    4. Confident, deep, dark, tapped in to or connectedness with the universe
  3. You like a look with prominent elements like:
    1. Mohawks, leather jackets, skull designs, metal spikes and studs, plaids, band shirts, brash quotes
    2. Victorian/Edwardian/Elizabethan design features, religious symbols, nods to horror films, clever quotes
    3. Bats, cats, eyes, bones, crystals, bows and flounces, stars and galaxies, pastel skyscapes, pentagrams, drippy-looking imagery and text, sparkles, creepy-cuteness, Japanese culture
    4. Folkloric/mythologic/supernatural motifs, things from nature (e.g., cats, crystals, herbs, and feathers), implements of witchcraft, pendulums, runes and cursive script, candles, golden accents, skulls, antiqued or weathered touches, mesh and lace, keys, pens
  4. You value:
    1. Equality, helping others, democracy, anti-capitalism, social justice for all races/genders/abilities/etc., animal rights, being against gentrification, self-rule
    2. Individualism, tolerance and acceptance of people who aren’t like you, creativity, being rational and thoughtful, existentialism, diversity, not taking yourself too seriously
    3. Pushing social boundaries, being irreverent, individualism, self-expression and -acceptance, fringe elements, fun, creativity, exploring the play between light and dark forces
    4. Independence, liberty, being yourself, the occult, faith, spirituality, stories and traditions, self-growth and -determination, honoring the unknown, energetics, rites and rituals, magic, nature, intelligence
  5. When it comes to music, your jam is:
    1. Proto-punk, hardcore, horror punk, pop punk, post-punk, riot grrrl, ska punk, taqwacore, deathrock, emo, goth rock
    2. Deathrock, darkwave, coldwave, etheralwave, post-punk, glam rock — alt rock with hard rock influences
    3. Dream pop, heavy electro, alt rock, bubblegum pop, art pop, emo pop — genres that mix and match light and dark themes and sounds
    4. Anything dark, atmospheric, and rhythmic — gothic, electronic, ambient, industrial, ethereal, and some hip hop genres that embracing mystical themes


Types of Style: The Key to Your Personal Fashion

You took the quiz and added up how many A’s, B’s, C’s, and D’s you got. Now’s the fun and insightful part — seeing what it means!

This personal style indicators suggests that if you got….

Mostly A’s: You’re a Punk at Heart.

Your Style Is Punk!

Hey! You’re undeniably a bad@ss! All the trappings of punk style suit you perfectly.

Examples of classic punk fashion include:

Mostly B’s: Goth’s Your Game.

You're a Goth Queen!

You’re goth through and through — go with it! You have so many goth fashion options, so it shouldn’t be hard.

Examples of quintessential goth style:

Mostly C’s: Your Primary Color’s Pastel Goth.

You're a Pastel Princess

You’re hot stuff, so totally work it. Be the black-and-pastel unicorn you know you are.

Examples of iconic pastel goth looks:

Mostly D’s: Witchy & Mystical’s Your Mainstay.

You are a witch b!tch

Keep on hexing and vexing in your spellbinding outfits. You’re witchy and Halloweeny to the core.

Examples of witchy wardrobe staples:

Mixed Bag: You’re a Style Enigma!

Got some of several letters? You can’t be boxed in! And that’s totally fine.

Having an eclectic taste is pretty cool. It means you’re doing your own thing and developing your own completely original alt style.

Sure, you’re drawing on elements from other defined genres — but you’re blending them in a revolutionary way that no one else could possibly carry off like you do. You’re on the path to being a true icon. Keep it up and change it up whenever the mood strikes you.

Who Are You? Define, Develop & Display Your Personal Style

Personal style is one — powerful — avenue for self-expression. So, figuring out what your unique fashion sense is and how to bring it to life is important.

Our little quizlet isn’t just for sh*ts and giggles. It’s intended to get you thinking and give you inspiration and confidence to showcase who you are and all that’s awesome about yourself!

Have fun experimenting with your personal style and you’re sure to land on an alt aesthetic that’s authentic and that you love.

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