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Décor for the Goth Home

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Witches Brew & Bat Brew mugs for Goth Home Decor

You’re goth; your living environment should reflect this, too! Get ideas and inspiration for goth home décor.

Personal style is so important. It’s a reflection of who you are and what matters most to you.

So why limit how you express this to just your wardrobe, hair, and makeup? It makes sense — and is a lot of fun! - to extend your flair to the places you spend a lot of time.

Goth home décor can do this for you!

Lounge around with your darkest Goth decor beach towel

What is Goth?

Goth is short for gothic.

The OG root of gothic is related to the Germanic peoples — the Ostrogoths and Visigoths — who invaded the Roman Empire between the third and fifth centuries.

Fast forward to the early 1980s. This is when the goth subculture you’re probably familiar with came about. It’s based on gothic rock, which was an offshoot of punk music. Today’s term, goth, is drawn from the gothic rock genre.

Goth Style Meets Interior Design

Gothic style in buildings, clothing, and other items enjoyed popularity in Europe in the Middle Ages but is associated with those Germanic tribes from centuries before. Elements like ornate details, dark colors, rich fabrics are characteristic of Gothic style.

Contemporary goth aesthetics lean in to Gothic style pretty heavily. Maybe you’ve noticed how much the color black is used in goth clothing and accessories... Or how there are often intricate frills, patterns, or images.

When thinking about goth style for your home, these same kinds of design features can be incorporated.

Goth Home Décor Ideas

Enough background! Let’s get into how you can inject some of your goth style into your home, so it reflects your taste and personality.

When you’re curating your goth-infused home decorations, keep these building blocks in mind:

  • Mood. Many expressions of goth are brooding, somber, or murky. You can whole-heartedly embrace this — or distill it down to its essence and just aim for drama and mystique. Another option: Sprinkle in some bits of whimsy to soften the hard edges goth style can have.
  • Color. Black is usually the go-to. The overarching sense tends to be dark-themed. But you can head in other directions and add in pops of color. (Pastel Goth is a thing!)
  • Motifs. Everything from abstract-, nature- or geometric-based patterns to snakes and skulls is fair game. Look for things that give a nod to the occult, the Victorian era, counterculture, and mystery.
  • Texture. Select things that are textural, that seem substantial in your hands or feel rich to the touch. Visual texture is something to consider as well.
  • Materials. Opt for luxuriant or rich fabrics like velvet, felted wool, satin, taffeta, etc. Choose quality hardwoods or metals. For interest, incorporate glass, mirrors, and ceramic or porcelain.

Our suggestions are intended as jumping-off points for you. Mull them over and then brainstorm how to take these seeds and grow your very own incarnation of goth home décor. Tap into your creativity and have fun with it! (Remember: You can always switch things up again later — Goth 2.0? — if your preferences change!)

Goth kitchen decor with One Tough Mother mug

Kit Out Your Kitchen

Stepping up the goth look in your kitchen couldn’t be simpler. And, since this room’s often the hub of the house (Seriously, why do people always end up migrating to the kitchen?!) — it’s a perfect place to start your goth home makeover.

We love these budget-friendly must-haves. They’re practical but totally awesome. Enjoy!

Goth Decor 'I Myself Am Strange & Unusual shower curtain'

Show(er) It in the Bath

Yes, you can even put some goth into your bathroom. Among our favorite ways to do this is with a not-you-run-of-the-mill shower curtain. Swapping in one of these is quick, easy, and affordable.

And, if you’re the type that likes to put your bath products on display — definitely get some Lunar Dust Bath Brew. It’s 100% classy goth and will look great on your vanity!

Goth decor art poster print of classic horror villains

Adorn Your Altar (or Wherever)

These accessories can really make or break the vibe of your goth space. We like to think they can add that little something extra that’s hard to put into words but is super impactful... (Plus, they’re just a whole lot of fun!)

More likely than not, you — and anyone who visits your home — will be taken by these items. It’s like you just have to pick up those cards or trace your fingers along the skull!

Personalize Your Home with Gothic Décor

Tailoring your house’s interior design so that it aligns with your goth style is a snap! With the basics of what makes goth goth in mind, and your sense of individuality, you can find decorative items that will help you create a living environment you’ll love.

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