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In the Pink: Must-Have Rose-Colored Clothing & More

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Check out our must have collection of crowd-pleasing pink clothes, wearables and accessory essentials

Pink's a striking and versatile color — and a forever crowd-pleaser when it comes to wearables! Check out our round-up of pink clothes and accessory essentials.

Pink obsession...that may be going a little too far. But it's for sure that everyone from the chick next door to the icon on the red carpet flaunts rosy-hued fashion. Like every season of every year.

With so many shades of pink to choose from, rounding out your wardrobe in tones of petals, flamingo, or bubblegum is a cinch. This never-ending palette is perfect for all your essentials - like tops and bottoms — and the extras that make life so much more pleasurable and personalized — purses, earrings, stockings, etc.

The Symbology of Pink

Colors always seem to elicit strong psychological or emotional responses — you either love them, hate them, or they completely didn’t even register with you.

What the color pink means varies from culture to culture. Depending upon the shade and context, it can represent:

  • Femininity
  • All kinds of love (romantic, familial, or platonic)
  • Nurturing and tenderness
  • Serenity
  • Security
  • Sweetness
  • Naiveté
  • Optimism
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Strength
  • Passion

When it comes to the pastel goth style, pink is all about softness, cuteness, and girliness — aka kawaii. It provides a contrast to the harsher, darker tones implied by goth and grunge.

Just something to think about as you're deciding what to wear...

Top 10 Pink Clothes & Accessories

Need some ideas for what to stock in your closet or drawers? We've got you covered!

The items below tick all the boxes:

  • They're cute and fun AF.
  • They're versatile — go ahead and mix'n'match!
  • They're comfy as hell.
  • They prominently feature the color pink. (Duh!)

Even better, they’re all so budget-friendly that you can buy them all. You can be "in the pink" without going "into the red," you might say...

#1 Baby Goat & Friends Flare Pant Hellz Bellz

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #1 : Baby Goat and Friends Flare Pants

These are like leggings on sexy steroids. They're smooth, seamless, and flattering for days.

"Just like all the others I ordered, it's great quality. Soft, none are see-through, and amazing details."
— Mercedes M.

#2 Baby Ghoul Pink Trim Dolphin Shorts

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #2 : 'Baby Ghoul' Pink Trim Booty Shorts

A modern-day riff on retro hot pants, these shorts will have you smiling in no time. Especially if you like a juicy-looking booty!

"...very cute shorts and comfy, too. [These are] my favorite shorts…fit perfect."
— Ariel G.

#3 Heartless Tattoo Thigh High Socks

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #3 : Heartless Tattoo Thigh High Socks

Let the world know you're over it — the bullsh*t, the rat race, the norm, whatever — with these over-the-knee socks. (PS. They go great with shorts ☝ or a dress ☟!)

"Sexy and fits perfect."
— Gilberto B.

#4 Cute As Hell Baby Goat Pink Two-Tone Dolphin Shorts

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #4 : Cute as Hell Baby Goat Two Tone Pink Booty Shorts

We can only describe these short shorts as adorably demonic — in the best possible way! Plus, they’re ultra- comfy and oh-so-sexy.

"The combination is so adorable! I got a larger size to get a little more coverage. LOL. It wasn't that much more but I do love the cheeky look."
— Rachell A.

#5 I Heart Myself Pink Glitter Hoop Earrings

Crowd-pleasing pink accessory item #5 : 'I ❤️ Myself' Pink Glitter Oversized Hoop Earrings

Everyone needs positive affirmations, and these earrings let you put your mantra out there loud and proud. Let the world know you’re a strong, confident person (who just happens to ❤️ glittery pink jewelry).

#6 Suck It Vamp Lips Cropped Baby Tee Ringer

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #6 : Vamp Lips 'Suck It' Ringer Baby Tee

No need to mince words when you’re sporting this cute, cropped vampire-inspired tee. It's all attitude and that's just how it should be.

#7 Baby Goth Pink Dolphin Shorts

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #7 : Baby Goth Pink Booty Shorts

You'll be the cheekiest little minx around in these babies. If you’re into pastel goth — why don't you have like three pairs of these already?!

#8 Pink Glitter Sparkle Pumpkin Purse Handbag

Crowd-pleasing pink accessory item #8 : Pink Glitter Pumpkin Purse Handbag

Sweet, not spooky. Cute, not creepy. This purse for all the "Hallowqueens" out there is roomy and perfect all year round.

"Love it! I love the color, which is what sold me on buying it. It is just the right size. It is very beautiful and unique."
- Charlotte R.

#9 Crossed Blades Hearts Crop Cami Pajama Set

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #9 : Cross Blade Heart Cami Pajama Sleepwear Set

Pink, ruffles, and bows are the perfect counterpoint black and stabby. So, you're sure to have nothing but sweet dreams in these heart-and-dagger PJs.

#10 Rosegram Rose Pentagram Hellz Bellz Bell Sleeve Dress

Crowd-pleasing pink clothing item #10 : Rosegram Pentagram Hellz Bellz Dress

Tap into your inner vamp with this off-the-shoulder number that practically screams "Drama!" Bonus: You can also wear this dress with legging!

Pink Color in Fashion? Hell Yes!

Embrace this hue for all it's worth by wearing on the daily. With so many fun and functional options, you can outfit yourself with something different for every day of the week.

Need inspiration? Check out the amazing pink clothing and accessories that made out top 10 list. They're a great place to start or flesh out your rosy-colored wardrobe.

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