It's Tradeshow Time. AKA, Hell Month.

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Not really Hell, because it’s also exciting (though I guess Hell could be exciting too, right?). It’s just a ton of work and a ton of stress, so everybody is kind of running around like crazy, chain smoking or holding on to dreams of the ever-elusive happy hour. But that’s how it works in this industry, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

We do two tradeshows at Too Fast, London Edge and Magic (in Las Vegas). We’ll probably add another one to that this year too. It’s actually pretty nice that they’re both far from Jersey. It gives us a chance to take a break from our usual surroundings. And once the tradeshows close down for the day, we get to go have some fun in casinos or pubs or both.  It’s all pretty taxing too though. Jet lag is a bitch and London is really cold, plus we do have to work a lot while we’re there. Definitely worth it though. Seeing what everyone’s coming out with and exhibiting the new designs we’ve worked so hard on is really fun.

But what truly makes it a Hell month is the preparation. Mailing huge boxes across the country or overseas, creating multiple catalogs, arranging travel plans, marketing new products, finding our passports in a sea of dirty laundry and empty pizza boxes, etc. We’re done with most of that now, but it’s still pretty busy here. And cold too. New Jersey can really suck sometimes. 

We look forward to getting it all over with and beginning the design process for 2014, but for now, we’ll just take a second to gloat over the shiny new catalogs. Despite all the complaining, we feel satisfied at the end of the day. Hard work pays off sometimes, doesn’t it?

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