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DIY: Striped Tye-Dyed Cut Off Shorts

Even though there’s snow covering the streets of Boston and I am forced to layer 4 coats at once, I still like to remind myself that Spring is just around the corner. This type of thinking makes me all kinds of excited because it reminds me that I will be back to wearing my favorite Spring closet staples in no time! I.E. Denim Cut-offs! So I got a kick start on my Spring wardrobe and decided to get some do-it-yourself action going with some awesome striped tye-dye cut off shorts. Here’s how to do it!

What You Need:

An old pair of jeans you can cut into shorts, your favorite color dye, duct tape, and gloves to keep your hands from turning the colors of the rainbow.

  • Begin placing your duct tape in the design you choose. You can get as intricate as you want. I decided I needed a pair of striped shorts.
  • Follow the directions on your dye kit to mix the colors.
  • Once your colors are all mixed and and the tape is secure, take your shorts and begin applying the dye in an area that can easily be cleaned/you don’t mind getting dye on. I chose my tub since it’s the best place in my apartment to play with tye-dye.
  • Now that your dye has been applied let your shorts hang in a dry area for about 8 hours, or overnight.
  • Proceed with rinsing your shorts out with cold water thoroughly and then wash with detergent at least once alone before mixing them with your other laundry.  
  • Then rock them! -brittany

It’s always fun messing with denim. 

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