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Goths & Fashion — A Dark, Dynamic Duo

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Goth style is rich in meaning and expressiveness. Learn all about goth fashion so you can nail your own goth look without breaking a sweat.

Ask a random person on the street and they’ll probably tell you that goth style is just “dressing in all black.”

Ugh! This is so far from the truth. There’s a lot to goth style that comes through in the fashion.

Let’s dispel the notion that goth fashion is a monotone thing.

Black And White Striped Bell Bottoms by Too Fast

What is Goth Clothing Style, Exactly?

Goth style pulls from its punk rock roots. It also happily cherry-picks elements from Victorian, Edwardian, and Elizabethan fashion.

The origins story of the goth subculture is pretty interesting — and worth reading about. But we’re focusing on fashion right now.


Disturbing.” — Wednesday Addams, in response to “How do I look?”

Trends & Traits of Goth Fashion

Yes, there are unique incarnations of goth fashion. And you can manifest your own interpretation of goth.

That said, though, there are several characteristics that help “define” goth style. Iconic goth fashion is:

  • Dark and moody
  • Edgy and rebellious
  • Provocative, shocking, or suggestive
  • Full of contrasts — in color (e.g., black and white), texture (e.g., leather and fishnets), or composition (e.g., a soft cropped cami with gruesome imagery)
  • Daring and statement-making
  • Thoughtful and intelligent, having deeper meaning

This is why you see lots of black, mixes of materials like lacey fabrics and metal accents, and intricate decorations. Graphic tees, form-fitting garments, and bold jewelry all make the cut.

But, within this general “framework,” there’s incredible room for personalization.

Variations of Goth Style

Culture is a moving target. So — no surprise — fashion, music, etc. evolve and branch out. Just to give you an idea, here are some relatives of the original goth movement:

  • Pastel goth injects pops of soft color — like light pink or purple — into the style expression.
  • Casual goth prioritizes easy-going clothing such as black jeans, comfy tees, band merch, and boots.
  • Trad goth, a nod to the OG goth from the 1980’s UK, incorporates punk attributes, teased hair, layered clothing, and so on.

Beyond Goth Style Clothing

It’s worth mentioning that goth goes way beyond what you’re wearing. It can be part of your body and home, too — a complete goth lifestyle is possible!

Goth Fashion Designers

No need to search far and wide for top goth fashion brands. With this list, outfitting yourself in the latest goth styles is easy!

  • Restyle. Quintessential goth clothing and accessories. This brand offers something for every day and occasion.
  • Too Fast. Just like you, we’re so hard-core into goth style. That’s why we created our own fashion line! You’ll find tons of options — from cropped tops to skater dresses to accessories — for people of all sizes.
  • Orchid Bloom. Elevate your goth style with this brand’s dresses. They include loads of edgy embellishments — like zippers and lace-up bodices.
  • Leg Avenue. You might describe this brand as “sheer” fun…. Its collection of stockings and socks can add that perfect goth accent to tie your look together.
  • Demonia. Just the best goth footwear ever! You’ll love all the killer details like bat buckles and (vegan) leather straps this brand is known for.

Go Goth — Your Way

Goth style is strong, somber, and has a distinct edge. But you can make it your own by wearing the goth fashions that fit your goth lifestyle best. Get inspiration and goth clothing from some of today’s leading goth fashion designers.

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